Best Banks in America for 2023-2024

Banks make it possible for everyday Americans to conduct their financial lives. Everyone needs a safe place to stow cash, or a reliable place for an auto or home improvement loan, making banks a critical part of the economy.

The proliferation of national banks where once people only chose their local savings and loan has led to growing competition. Today’s banking customers can choose national or smaller retail banks, credit unions and banks that operate solely online.

Read on to see our picks for the Best Banks in America. Data gathering and fact-checking took place in July, August and September.

By Leslie Cook, Adam Hardy, Brenden Rearick, Bryant Guardado, Mary Ellen Cagnassola and Jill Cornfield
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Slide Table to Compare
Best For
Minimum Opening Deposit
Annual Percentage Yield
Monthly Service Fees

Alliant Credit Union

Credit Union Membership Fees Yes 0.25%-3.1%* $0

Ally Bank

Online Bank Customer Service Yes 4.25% $0

Axos Bank

Online Bank Relationship Rewards, Seniors Yes 0.1%-3.3% $0

Bank of America

National Bank Mobile Banking, Seniors, Students Yes 0.01%-0.04%* $8-$12^


Online Bank High Yield Checking Yes 2.7% $0


Online Bank Low Fees Yes 4.35% $0

Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Credit Union Mobile Banking, Students Yes 0.1%-0.4%* $0

Bread Financial

Online Bank High Yield Savings Yes 5% $0

Capital One

National Bank Overall, Students, Military Yes 4.3%-4.85%* $0


National Bank Customer service, Students, Seniors Yes 0% $12^


National Bank Relationship Rewards Yes 0%-4.35%* $12^

Citizens Bank

National Bank Low Fees Yes 0% $0


National Bank Checking/savings Combo Yes 0% $13

Digital Federal Credit Union

Credit Union High Yield Savings Account Yes 3.56% $0


Online Bank Overall Yes 0%-4.3%* $0

EverBank (formerly TIAA)

Online Bank Best Interest Rates Yes 0.25%-5% $0

First Horizon Bank

National Bank Best Rate (Savings) Yes 0.3% $5^ (quarterly)

First Technology Federal Credit Union

Credit Union Best Checking/Savings Combo Yes 0.1%-4%* $0

Golden1 Credit Union

Credit Union Rates Yes 0.05%-3.5% $0

GreenState Credit Union

Credit Union Rewards Checking Yes 2% (5% introductory rate for first 6 months) $0

JP Morgan Chase

National Bank Customer Satisfaction Yes 0%-0.01%* $5-$12^


National Bank Promoted Savings Yes 0% $0

Lake Michigan Credit Union

Credit Union High Yield Checking Account, Seniors Yes 3% $0

Mountain America Credit Union

Credit Union High Yield Money Market Account, Seniors Yes 0.50%-4.25%* $0-$7

Navy Federal

Credit Union Overall Yes 0.05% $0


Credit Union Overall, Military Yes 0.15%-4.90%* $0-$10^


National Bank Checking/Savings Account, Students Yes 0.01%-03% $7-$25^


Online Bank Most Innovative Yes 1.1%-4.5%* $0

Regions Bank

National Bank Checking Perks, Students, Seniors Yes 0% $8^

Security Service Federal Credit Union

Credit Union Perks, Military Yes 0.05%-2.5%* $0-$9


Online Bank Combo Checking/Savings Account Yes 0.5% checking, 4.5% savings $0

TD Bank

National Bank Conventional Checking Yes 0.01% $10^

US Bank

National Bank Low Fees, Military Yes 0.01%-0.05% $4-$6.95^


National Bank Sign-up Bonus Yes 0.01% $0

Vio Bank

Online Bank Money Market Account Yes 5.25% $0

Wells Fargo

National Bank Best Rate (Checking) Yes 0.05%-0.10%* $5-$10^
No results match.

* APY for deposit accounts varies depending on balance, type of account and/or area

# Membership in a credit union is obtained by opening a savings account with a $5 deposit in many cases. However, some credit unions may have higher or lower opening deposit requirements. The minimums quoted here are to become a member of the credit union.

^ Monthly fee can be waived

Note: APYs are valid as of 9/26/2023

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